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        Designed and initiated by the Rudd "Australia 2020 Summit", will be a collection of thousands of Australian elite in the capital area of Parliament House in Canberra, an unprecedented brainstorming, through the debate on the issues, gather public opinion ...
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        Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Guangzhou East vibration is a design, manufacture and sales of enterprise products to fixture, non-standard accessories, non-standard equipment and molds, come with many years of expertise in our team. Companies adhering to the "customer oriented" beliefs, adhere to high quality and complete objectives. In a smooth, solid in the development, products are mainly sold to domestic famous enterprises: such as Swiss intelligence, beauty, Gree, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Honda, Toyota, Nissan and its supporting manufacturers, etc..
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Human resources
Service (AE) 2 名
AE 1,2 years of professional experience in
2, psychological quality, strong adaptability, excellent communication skills;
3, have a good sense of customer service, good listener, is summarized and put forward constructive ideas
4, have a strong sense of responsibility and team spirit, able to take greater ...
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